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A PC/Mac/iPad simulation/strategy game about being a nobody aboard a massive space station where everyone is obsessed with social networking. It's up to you to make friends and climb the career ladder to your victory!

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About The Tiniest Shark

The Tiniest Shark is a tiny developer of independent videogames, based in the UK. That is, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris is the (currently) one-woman development team, with the shark as her tiny mascot. The tiniest of mascots, in fact.

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Provocation and Meta-Provocation

Today, I attended the launch of the the DiGRA UK chapter in Bristol, which was a fantastic event. Although I had to leave early, I was incredibly honoured to be invited to give one of the featured ‘provocations’. Except, I ended up tearing it up and offering a different one instead. I’ve blogged about both here.

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My GDC 2014 Microtalk

Here’s the microtalk I delivered at Game Developer’s Conference 2014, broadly, on systems literacy & emergent games. Video and fulltext included.

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On Magical Empathy Machines, and How to Solve Systemic Oppression With This One Weird Old Trick

There’s much to say on the topic of technological panaceas for supposed ‘empathy’. These are just some quick and hurried notes. Oh, and a TEDx talk I did.

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